Cricket Gala 2017

Cricket – Gala 2017

Sports, no matter what kind, are a uniting factor for employees and create a healthy competition between employees that encourages growth. Asia Poultry Feeds’ annual cricket gala is a testament to sportsmanship and character building. This year Asia Kings and Asia Pearls were the two finalists that battled it out for the coveted title in a high stakes match that led to Asia Kings triumphing over Asia Pearls.

A total of 12 teams which included Asia Strikers, Asia Badshah, Chenab Lions, Asia Tigers, Alpha Panthers, Asia Pearls, Asia Superiors, Asia Kings, Asia Leopards, Alpha Eagles, Delta Gladiators, and Chenab Warriors were divided into two groups. A B, C, and D qualified for the semi-finals, where A & D emerged as winners.

The rules and regulations for the tournament were decided by the administration and an eligibility criterion was set to create the teams.

After the exhilarating finale, the CEO graced the stage and awarded rewards to the winners and runners-up. Furthermore, the contribution of all the teams was highly appreciated and the CEO expressed gratitude for everyone involved in making the event a success. Families, employees, and spectators all joined in to congratulate the winners and support the players.