Our Brands

Asia Poultry Feeds Pvt. Ltd. has made it a priority to provide high-quality feed while working on the best interest of the nation's farmers ever since the time of inception in 1994. This drive for perfection has led us to introduce multiple feed brands as well as day-old chicks to cater to different needs of the market. Together Asia Feeds, Chenab Feeds, Delta Feeds and Alpha Chicks are not only pioneers in market but represent the best in class brands in the poultry industry.

Asia Feeds

Introduced in 1994, Asia Feeds is the brand that bears the name of its parent organization. Starting from humble beginnings, it soon became a symbol of quality, helping to educate and train local farmers to increase the quality and quantity of their output. Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) is also introduced by the Asia Feeds. Being around for more than a quarter of a century, Asia Feeds has seen the industry’s transition from open sided farms to control environment houses, all the while maintaining its focus on the customer and its reputation for quality. Our legacy is our strong relationship with our customers that has ensured the test of time.

Chenab Feed

Chenab Feed was introduced in 2005, starting from the highly competitive Lahore market, Chenab Feed has always been an innovator and trendsetter in the market. Coupled with an excellent product quality, our focus on technical expertise is unsurpassed. We have been trendsetters in adopting new methods and technologies and educating our customers, to help them achieve superior results. With a focus on its people, Chenab Feed is always up-to-date and always improving.

Alpha Chicks

Alpha Chicks announced the arrival of Single Stage Hatching in the broiler chicks market in 2013. Being the first mover in this field, it elevated the customer’s expectation of quality by consistently delivering superior quality broiler chicks year round. Our commitment is demonstrated not only by our meticulous attention on breeder and hatchery management but also by our constant focus on our customer’s needs. We strive to position ourselves as partners, helping the broiler farmers unlock the potential we work so hard to deliver.

Delta Feed

Delta Feed was launched in the market in 2015. Delta Feed aimed to provide our esteemed customers the best value for money. The brand overtook the industry and changed the dynamics of the layer feed market by producing the best value added output. Symbolizing its tagline, ‘Performance Optimized’, Delta Feed’s objective to stay at the forefront in the market will be recognized for times to come.

Indus Cattle Feed

Indus Cattle Feeds is a project of Asia Poultry Feeds (Pvt) Ltd. We believe in applied research, and innovation to serve the nation with mutual benefits. Multiple trials were conducted on the animal nutritional requirements, Performance parameters, and economic viability. After research for several years, Indus Cattle Feed was launched for commercial sale in 2020. We are offering all kinds of dairy feed for all age groups throughout Pakistan. Our Technical team is providing services to our customers and utilizing expertise to offer better solutions to challenges. We also believe in skill improvement of our team with our customers for better liaison and growth. Our goal is to improve animal production by providing sustainable quality feed throughout the year.