Employee Engagement Survey 2022

Employee Engagement Survey 2022

Employee Engagment Survay

Its very crucial for the companies that they engage their workers as it add revenue, value, and aids in resilience of a business during hard time and more. This means engaging employees is not just a proud HR goal but it is a core factor that contributes in the prosperity of organization. It may seem like there would never be enough time in the day to add something as abstract as employee engagement. But that is short view, in reality the long term approach view understands hiring the best talent and engaging those people in the key to competitive sustainable advantage.

Employee Who Participated

As employee engagement survey expands and created awareness among employees the satisfaction level continues to trending upwards because of their interest and belief which is lying within the survey , however survey participation rate is also trending upwards with relatively the same amount of surveys distributed at all units and offices. In the recent Employee Engagement Survey 2022, the 85% of Employees working with Asia Poultry Feeds participated.

New & Satisfying Challenges

The employees from all Units and all departments participated actively and from these participants 95% of participants agrees and feels that their job role in Asia Poultry Feeds is dynamic and provides them with new and satisfying challenges. It is very important for the employees to face new challenges in the job to learn something new to be satisfied in their job role. Asia Poultry Feeds - Pvt Ltd. is providing this opportunity to all employees with new job role and also provide them satisfying challenges.

Job-Related Training

For ultimate goals and achieving the best value, job-related training is important for employees. Asia Poultry Feeds - Pvt Ltd provides the best training for every employee, 94% of the participant are satisfied with the job-related training that Asia Poultry Feeds offers. Job related training is as important for employees as oxygen for life. If you are providing best job related training you will get your value over investment on employees. The Asia Poultry Feeds provide opportunity to all employees to learn and get training from their senior staff to deliver with their job role.

Workplace Safety Training

We at Asia Poultry Feeds encourage our employees and make them thoroughly train for safe work procedures and recognize safety risks at the workplace. The 93% of participants are agreeing with the statement that Asia Poultry Feeds has placed best Health and Safety practices around its all manufacturing facilities and offices. Safety equipment and safety training are regularly analyzed and breifed to the staff and other employees who are in the operation and manufacturing departments.

Compensation & Benefits Package

The outcomes of the employee engagement survey 2022 Asia Poultry Feeds Pvt. Ltd, 90% of employees who participated and satisfied with their overall total compensation and benefits package. We offer what you deserve, the Asia Poultry Feeds compensate you according to your job role and your performance. The 90% of participants who are satisfied with their overall total compensation and benefits package which Asia Poultry Feeds is offering are engaged with organization from longer period, this only possible when you are satisfied with your job and benefits.

Satisfaction with Employment

We at Asia Poultry Feeds Pvt. Ltd believes in giving employees recognition and considers them as an important part of improving the overall strategic structure of the organization. In order to get a better understanding of employee morale, and satisfaction and provide them a chance to express their opinion about the organization we found that the 97% of respondents are satisfied with their overall employment in Asia Poultry Feeds.