Newsletter Asia Poultry Feeds 2022

Newsletter Asia Poultry Feeds 2022

History & Introduction

Asia Poultry Feeds was incorporated in the year 1993 in the hope of changing the landscape of Poultry in Pakistan. Beginnings were humble as Asia Poultry Feeds Pvt. Ltd. went into production in 1994. A huge milestone was achieved by Asia Poultry Feeds (Pvt) Ltd. in 1998 as we inaugurated the largest and completely automated Swiss Production Plant. Marking a decade of excellence, Asia Poultry Feeds Pvt. Ltd. opened its second production facility, maintaining the standards of the previous years in Lahore. Leading from our success in the northern and central region of Pakistan, Asia Poultry Feeds Pvt. Ltd. opened its third production facility in Karachi. Continuing the tradition of leading from the front, Asia Poultry Feeds Pvt. Ltd. entered the DOC Market and initiated Pakistan’s first-ever Single Stage Hatchery near Sahiwal. Due to continuous Increase in demand was met with a Fourth State-of-the-art Production Facility in Depalpur.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Considering corporate social responsibility as an important factor and form of self-regulation that ref lects Asia Poultry Feeds accountability and commitment towards contributing the well-being of communities and society through various environmental and social measures. In this context, we have installed solar panels at Unit - II and arranged students visit from Agro Industrial Engineering University visited Unit-I Multan which is one of our state of the art production facilities and they also get briefed by GM-Production Mr. Zulqarnain Haider about the processes and procedures we opt for the production of poultry feeds.

Health and Safety

Blood & Medical Camp

The Blood and Medical Camps at Asia Poultry Feeds has set new standards of health in the industry as health is the most concerning aspect for everyone and healthy employees ultimately leads to more productivity. Health examinations and tests at the early stages of the illness can help to cure it faster and save a life before it can cause any damage. Our objective is to ensure the good health of employees and gets them the right kind of health check-up screening, and treatments. Even the most basic checkups can identify underlying illnesses. Keeping this aspect in view Asia Poultry Feeds Pvt. Ltd. is providing basic general check-up by carrying out the Blood and Medical Camps at Units and Offices which also helps people to be aware of their health status.

Fire Fighting & First Aid

Trainings on First Aid and Fire Fighting helps employees learn to be more conscious of safety in the workplace, leading to a reduced number of accidents and injuries. Therefore, we as an organization wholly accept this responsibility and conducted required trainings periodically. As a result of these training sessions, Asia Poultry Feed employees learned various techniques to provide initial first aid and preventing major hazard and accidents at any Unit/Office. First Aid and Firefighting training is also important because it gives knowledge about fire detection and warnings. It also creates awareness among employees of the best ways to prevent fire within the working area. Therefore, our employees know how to act in such hazardous situation and maintaining strong culture with programs of personal safety, accident and injury prevention, wellness promotion, and compliance with applicable environmental laws.

Hajj Balloting 2020 - 21

HAJJ - Islamic Pilgrimage 20

Hajj balloting for 2020 was held at the Asia Poultry Feeds Head Office in Lahore. The employees from all Units and Offices were included in the balloting based on the criteria that they have served the organization for a minimum period of 5 years. Members of Top management also witnessed the balloting and expressed their immense appreciation and gratitude to the company for commencing this Holy cause.

HAJJ - Islamic Pilgrimage 21

Asia Poultry Feeds has held Hajj Balloting for the year 2021at Head Office, Lahore where top management also witnessed the memorable event where employees from all Units and Offices were included in the balloting based on the criteria that they have served the organization for a minimum period of 5 years. All the senior members took part in balloting have also extended their thankfulness and gratitude to the company for commencing this righteous cause.

4th Sports Gala 2022

Asia Poultry Feeds Pvt. Ltd. always believes in giving break from work by organizing healthy event each year, post pandemic the company has organized 4th Sports Gala for its employees to have fun among each other and that is how they also get mental-health break which ultimately increases productivity inside the office and create an environment for team bonding. Having this concept in mind Asia Poultry Feeds Pvt Ltd. organized “Sports Gala” in February 2022 in which 16 teams participated from units across Pakistan including head office. This year, on 18-19 February, 2022 Asia Poultry Feeds has also added two more sports i.e. Tug of War and Sack Race which made this event more memorable and enjoyable. It was a great and pronounced event in which Sack Race 1st position was taken by Lighthouse, 2nd position was bagged by Asia Kings and Asia Superiors stood at 3rd position. In Tug of War Indus Stars outplayed Asia Leopards and won the Title. Alpha Panthers outplayed Delta Gladiators and won the cricket competition title. The ceremony started with the “National Anthem” and CEO/Director wished all the teams captain good luck for the tournament. In the colorful conducing ceremony, they gave away prizes and trophy to the winning team and top performers. They also appreciated the passions of all teams, players, viewers and congratulated the winning team. The employees of the company along with their families, participated in all the matches to enjoy and cheer up their players with enthusiasm and passion, which made sports gala a huge success.

Highlights Sack Race

Asia Poultry Feeds Pvt. Ltd. has also added two new sports in its Sports Gala 2022 which were “Sack Race” and “Tug of War.” These two games that has been added for the first time became center of attraction and all employees have shown their interest and participated whole heartedly with enthusiasm and interest. Following are the highlights from the day of sports gala 2022 and solely focused on Sack Race and Tug of War.

Highlights Tug of War

Tug of war is also a healthy activity to boost the morale and confidence of the employees. Employees actively participated actively to enjoy the game. This activity is only held to check the strength of different teams. Sixteen teams participated actively Indus Stars were the champion of the game and Asia Leopard was runner up.

Cricket Tournament

Sixteen teams from all departments under the umbrella of Asia Poultry Feeds have fought for the winning title. They compete with each other with spirit and commitment. Asia Poultry Feeds brings their employees a fun-filled sports gala 2022 to boost their mental and physical health. It was an essential escape from the routine task to bring joy and fitness at the same time. The cricket tournament is one of the activities which is started from 18th of February till 19th February night. Alpha Panthers have taken the champion title and Delta Gladiators was runner-up in this tournament.

Training is Our Identity

Asia Poultry Feeds focuses on the training and development of the staff on regular bases. The main topics are Technical skill, multi-faceted training, integrated training, assessment and quality feedback. For the development of technical skills which are set of abilities used to perform practical tasks. We have focused on the specialized knowledge and expertise of our employees which are required to perform specific tasks. We have also incorporated many different types of exercises into one training program as integrated training can be beneficial for employees in many ways. Integrated training model takes the best of all types of training and puts it together into one effective format. Multiple and variety of trainings on different subject has been held at all levels. We prepare quality leaders with this training programs which hold the grip on all aspects of their perspective job. Sufficient feedback is being provided by the trainees in the timely manner.

Photo Contest 2019-21

Photo Contest 2019

Photography is a vision and art. Regardless of your skill level, capturing images is important for history and people’s lives and keeps you refresh. This year in 2022 Asia Poultry Feeds has also rewarded successful winners for the photo contests held in 2019, 2020 and 2021 and acknowledged their participation with zeal and zest. “In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.”The contest has 4 categories i.e. People & Culture, Monsoon, Landscape and Wild life. All the winning photos were mesmerizing and accurate as per given guidelines regarding category that it easily engaged the panel of adjudicators. The adjudicators had a very tough time deciding the most potential photos for final selection. Every shot taken, was so much captive and revealed hidden reality. It almost took the audience to the exact location of the scene of photography. Winner and runners-ups were handed over with “Cash Reward” for their extraordinary photographic skills and were also provided with photo frame to make their photography memorable.

Phot Contest 2020

The photo contest in the year 2020 had 3 categories i.e. Historical Places, Art and Culture and Architecture and Buildings. All the captivating photographs were attractive and as per given guidelines regarding category that it easily involved the panel of decision makers and made them so much captivated that they faced difficulty in selecting the winners.

Phot Contest 2021

The photo contest in the year 2021 had 3 categories i.e. Historical Places, Art and Culture and Architecture and Buildings. All the participants have submitted their required entries within the given time frame. Photographs, those entered in the contest was so much attractive and attention absorbing that each picture was itself describing the enthusiasm and passion of photographers.

Capacity Building

The capacity building is very important for an organization to build its existing human resources for coping up with technological and other necessary needs that might arises in coming years or with the passage of time. Capacity building and trainings always play an immense role in the growth of an individual and also enabling them before hand for any upgradation in the department. Training and development also open doors for new and innovative ideas that ultimately leads to organizational growth and prosperity. Capacity building is a long term, ongoing process as it fosters a sense of ownership and empowerment, so that employees can gain greater control over their own and organization’s future development.

Asia Poultry Feeds has always paid great attention towards its employees training and development for their welfare and overall organization growth. For that instance, Asia Poultry Feeds conduct trainings both internally and externally whereas, external trainings also includes international training programs for senior management. Asia Poultry Feeds also contributes its share for scientific sessions that takes place in different countries around the globe and provides sponsorships for poultry feed related symposia and conferences to mark its name in the poultry feed industry worldwide. Furthermore, training and development programs at Asia Poultry Feeds have been thoroughly designed on the basis of individual training needs assessed by Head of the Department during training need assessment. Below are few glimpses from our internal and external trainings held at different profound training institutes through year 2019 till 2021.

Employee Recognition

Employee recognition plays a very pivotal role in motivating and satisfying employee’s intrinsic needs which includes need of appreciation for the work they are executing and recognition can also be tied to more than just performance. Celebrating strong effort when employees go above and beyond helps them developing emotional connections to the workplace that fuel future performance of an individual. At Asia Poultry Feeds, we celebrate Work Anniversaries and every achievement of employees in recognition of all the hard work they put in during performing their job responsibilities. Asia Poultry Feeds also organizes formal ceremonies for retirees and also recognizes the services of outgoing employees and conduct farewell ceremonials as a token of appreciation. That is how employee feels honored with a ceremony that focuses on what they have accomplished during their career with the company.

Employee Engagement Survey

An employee engagement survey is an ongoing process at Asia Poultry Feeds as it allows open and honest feedback between employers and staff. It provides an opportunity for direct communication about where our organization is succeeding and where more support is needed. But importantly, running an employee engagement survey tells our employees that their voice matters. The other reason for conducting engagement surveys is to measure the engagement level of our employees which also gives us a fair idea about drivers of engagement within organization which ultimately allow us to assess whether our employees are engaged or disengaged.

New Appointments

“We congratulate all the new inductees on their appointment and wishing them every success.” Asia Poultry Feeds Pvt Ltd. has always been known for its welcoming and pleasing attitude towards new inductions and provided them with proper orientation to make them feel more comfortable at their new job role. Below mentioned list identifies employees who have joined the Asia team during 2019-2021. Being an employer Asia Poultry Feeds is an employee friendly organization where all employees are given self-respect and being treated with dignity.